A downloadable game for Android

King Barcelona Organized King [Not only games] jam jointly with four universities of the sector. Two teams from each university represented her in the competition.

Our ThunderCloud team represented E.N.T.I. UB

Our proposal as Serious Game was "Cell 'till the end"

A game where your only goal is to expand as quickly as possible. But you have to see the whole context, because little by little it will let you see the real role you play in the game.

The goal was to treat a tough issue of society in a different way.

The team was formed by:
Sergi Sánchez Solares        @SergiSolares
Paula Martín López               @Katze02Anime
Dimas Alcalde Perello               @Dimas_Alcalde
Rubén Jiménez Colás                @Benny_Veras
Mathis Paturle                          @MathisPaturle


Cell 'till the end.zip 138 MB
Cell.apk 30 MB